Safety at work


Each employer is obliged to comply with the provisions of the labor legislation and its by-laws


The employer must provide conditions for safe work and protection of workers ' health, as well as plan and allocate funds for the financing of labor protection. The purpose and purpose of occupational health and safety, as well as the provisions defining the rules of conduct in this area, is the prevention of occupational injuries, occupational diseases and other work-related diseases, as well as the protection of the working environment. The purpose and purpose of labor protection is realized primarily by detecting and eliminating hazards. The detection and elimination of hazards is carried out using the rules and security measures. These rules (Basic, special, and recognized) and occupational health and safety measures must be followed, applied by employers, employees, and States. Rules of conduct, namely duties, rights and obligations, are established for all participants engaged in labor protection.

Our vision for workplace health and safety management is focused on implementing preventive measures to identify hazards and reduce risk to workplace health and safety, including employees, suppliers, visitors, and others                                                                                                            who may be affected by our activities.

Tehnomont d. d. it undertakes to ensure at all times appropriate working conditions and a working environment that ensures the health and safety of employees in accordance with legal requirements and other applicable regulations, all in order to ensure smooth operation. We comply with and comply with all applicable laws of the Republic of Croatia concerning occupational health and safety, as well as additional requirements that oblige us to engage in regular dialogue with employees and other stakeholders.
Protection at work is carried out as specified:
► Employer
► Authorized Employer
► Occupational Health and Safety Expert
► Occupational Safety and Health Council

Tehnomot d. d. it has a developed risk assessment that classifies hazards, harm and labor effort and related work.
Employees based on risk assessment are trained to work in a safe manner before starting work, when changes are made to the working procedure, when new working equipment is introduced or modified, when new technology is introduced, when employees are assigned to a new job or a new workplace when there is an established health damage caused by hazards of harm or labor effort. Training is carried out by a specialist in labor protection and a directly authorized employee.
Based on the risk assessment, the rules of labor protection, preventive measures of organizational measures and other measures to prevent and minimize the impact of established risks on employees are applied to eliminate or reduce the minimum probability of injuries during childbirth, diseases or work-related diseases. Vacancies with high risks are also established by a special regulation on work with specific working conditions.
80 people work in workplaces with special working conditions, and 30 of them work on computers for more than 4 hours.
Employees before entering into an employment contract to perform work with specific working conditions turn to a specialist in medical and labor expertise and are re-sent before the expiration of the period established by a special prescription.
Employees are guaranteed that the labor resources, personal protective equipment and workplaces are correct, maintained, adapted for work and in proper condition at all times, and that they are used in accordance with the occupational health and safety regulations, technical standards and manufacturer's instructions.
Safety signs written instructions and notices are installed in visible places and replaced when worn out or damaged.
During the work, a ban on the abuse of alcoholic beverages is carried out.
A sufficient number of employees are trained to provide first aid, and an AVD device is purchased, which is located at the reception and is available at any time.

By identifying and monitoring the achievement of individual and shared goals in all relevant organizational segments, we are constantly improving methods and procedures aimed at preventing injuries and diseases,as well as at continuously improving the management  of health and safety at work.