About us


 TEHNOMONT SHIPYARD PULA Ltd  is listed as the leading Croatian shipyard of medium dimensions, with the fact that we are one of the leading builders of aluminum ships on the Croatian market.
   Due to the great competition with a Far East steel ships construction, the company is focused on the development of sophisticated aluminum and steel ships; our goal is to go further with the development of this trend.
All our future investments in material and human resources follow the development of this concept which aims to access this market segment which includes the construction of special aluminum and steel boats (work boats, tugs, fishing boats, high speed boats, etc.) up to 80 m long. Since the main activity of our company is shipbuilding and ship repair, the basic functions are accordingly distributed as departments, and at the same time bookkeeping, bookkeeping and administrative affairs of the commissioner of Tehnomont d.d. in which two other profit centers operate: BMN and Marina Veruda 


Profit center BMN (locksmith, assembly, nautical) specializes in the manufacture of steel structures for construction and pipelines for gas turbines, and in 2003 for technological achievements in the production of solar water heating equipment, as the first company of production character in Istria, received recognition in in the form of the Croatian Quality Mark, awarded by the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.
The profit center Marina Veruda stretches for 1500 m in length and its position provides safe shelter from all winds.
The range of 19 piers is equipped with electricity (220 and 380 V) and water connections and has 630 berths for vessels up to 40 m (possibility of connecting mega-yachts) and a maximum draft of up to 4 m.


                                                                                                        Our business goals
                                                                ► satisfaction of our current and future clients
                                                                ► creating a modern organization with a stimulating work environment
                                                                ► promoting unique creativity as a basis for business improvement
                                                                ► promoting a passion for success in all business aspects
                                                                ► adherence to a high level of quality of workmanship, economically acceptable prices,
                                                                      compliance with deadlines
                                                                 ► contracting new jobs and entry to new markets, based on a long tradition, knowledge
                                                                     and  innovation

                                                                    Technical ability and competence of Tehnomont Shipyard Pula Ltd

The shipyard extends on an area of 40,000 m² and has two slipways for extracting and launching ships up to 44 m or 600 tons. Slipways are mainly used for the repair and reconstruction of steel, aluminum, fiberglass and wooden ships. In addition to the space around the slipway, the shipyard has about 4000 m² of closed area, the hall along the shore is of great importance, which is situated on rails so it can be opened to insert heavier ship elements, as well as when launching finished ships, performed laterally (ship slides on temporary mounted sled to the edge of the coastal wall and falls free into the sea). The hall is 60 m long, it can be extended up to 80 m and it is 20 m wide.   The 200 m long coastal wall is used for mooring ships during the final equipment works. Next to the big hall there is a smaller one, 75 m long, which is used for the construction of smaller, especially aluminum vessels. For the ship equipping putpose, the shipyard have all necessary workshops - mechanical, electrical, carpentry and machining.
In addition to all mentioned, it has a enough closed storage space for storing materials and equipment and the necessary workshops for the maintenance of work equipment.  There are also tens thousands of square meters of heavy-duty concrete work platforms built along the coastal wall, all together equipped with electricity, water and working gas

                                                                                                    Human potential

An important and not negligible item in our shipyard is the "welding school" space,  which is equipped with all the necessary infrastructure for training and certification of welders.
The shipyard employs about 300 - 350 of its workers and fifty subcontractors. About 200-250 workers of the mentioned number are working on dislocated construction sites; today in German shipyards. Apart from the necessary skilled workers of all shipbuilding professions, about twenty mechanical, shipbuilding and electrical engineers are employed.
 Such equipment and structure of employees allows the shipyard to generate more than 90 percent of its revenues by exporting to Norway, Scotland, Ireland, England, Germany today, and in the recent past Gibraltar, Romania, Serbia, Montenegro, Sudan.

                                                                                                              Our quality standards

 Our management systems are certified in accordance with the requirements of management system standards:
 ISO 9001: 2015;
 ISO 14001: 2015;
 OHSAS 18001: 2007 certified by Bureau Veritas (BV).
 Our Management Department is highly qualified and has all the necessary equipment for quality control of construction works and welding works (NDT, Ultrasound and Penetrans)

                                                                                    Manufacturing facilities, processes and employees are certified:
According to ISO 9001: 2015 from BVQI
According to ISO 14001: 2015 from BVQI
According to OHSAS 18001: 2007 from BVQI
for welding procedures in shipbuilding, from CRS (Croatian Register of Shipping)
for aluminum and steel shipbuilding according to BV (Bureau Veritas) standards
for the production of steel structures according to DIN 18800 from SLV Munich

winner of the Charter of the City of Pula - for achievements and extraordinary results in the 60 years of successful work and development of the economy of the city of Pula
  proud holder of the Blue Flag since 1999 and the Green Flag since 2019.