New Delivery in Tehnomont Shiypard


Delivery of 24 m Service Vessel for fishfarming industry, NB 100, took place on 14.06.2016. at Tehnomont Shipyard Pula.

She was named TROLL and following Delivery she was lifted on heavy lifter for transportation to Norway.

The vessel continues sequence of 24 m service ships that Tehnomont builds for Norwegain customer Moen Marin AS, but this one is particular regarding high volume of specific equipment. Namely the vessel has ROV (small submarine) controlled from bridge, hydraulic gear for repair of mooring ropes needed for anchorage of cages (Fiber Rope Lock and Plat Holder), air compressors and system for divers bottles and other specific equipment for fishfarming industry.

The customer is satisfied with the vessel so it is expected to have further cooperation on this field. Third vessel in sequence is just under completion phase with delivery expected to be during summer 2016.