New Contract for Fishing Vessel


Tehnomont Shipyard Pula began working on a new project – one Fishing Vessel for norvegian customer. The contract has been signed in April 2017, with final financing arranged by the owner, therefore effective beginning of July 2017.

The contract is for one Fishing Vessel for net fishing, length of 20,99 m and breadth of 9,00 m, and with fish hold capacity of 150 m3.

The vessel is installed with a diesel electric propulsion system and a unique battery system. The propulsion system is to be constructed such that it is possible to operate the vessel only on batteries on a typical net haul. It is also possible to charge the batteries by using the diesel engines for approx. 15-20 min – i.e. the time for a typical net setting.

The vessel is equipped with two cranes, net hauler and net clearer and with ice machine for fish.

This contract represent shipyard’s step into fishing industry in Norway.