Environmental management policy


We are aware of our responsibility towards the environment and the wider local community, and accordingly we are committed to meeting all legal regulations at the local, regional and national levels.

In its business, the Tehnomont Group strives to introduce technologies and products that will contribute to a more rational use of energy and available resources.
The systematic approach of ISO14001 obliges to a complete detailed analysis in all aspects of business in order to obtain a clear picture of all activities that affect the environment.
In this way there are multiple advantages:
           - reduction of waste management costs
           - savings in energy and material consumption
          - lower distribution costs
          - Improving the corporate image of the legislature and customers
          - a framework for continuous improvement of environmental performance.

The purpose of a systematic integrated policy of quality management, environmental health and safety at work is to increase the satisfaction of our customers and our ability to offer our customers quality products with minimal health risk and maximum environmental protection

Preserving the environment is of great importance to us: the fact that Marina Veruda has been the proud holder of the Blue Flag since 1999 and the Green Flag since 2019 speaks for itself. Every year, together with members of diving clubs, an already "traditional" action of cleaning the seabed of various parts of the marina is held;
Our services in their work use "environmental" means that are not harmful to the environment; our naval transport service uses electric bicycles and mopeds while other services use electric means of transporting cargo and passengers.
Separate collection and recycling of municipal waste has been carried out for years; and hazardous waste, oil, batteries and oily rags are disposed of in an exemplary manner

Consequently, in the entire Tehnomont Group, we strive every day to contribute to the cleanliness of the environment in small "steps" and with our contribution to make other users aware of the need for increased attention and are for the environment.