Corrosion protection


The quality of anti-corrosion protection is one of the basic conditions for ensuring the longevity of the structure, and with a well-executed protection, its service life is extended


Steel as a material is most often used in the construction of structures of various shapes and different purposes.

Since steel is sensitive to corrosion, it is necessary to protect it well so that it does not occur, thus preventing additional maintenance costs and increasing the service life of the product. When selecting the appropriate coating system to protect steel structures from corrosive action, a number of factors need to be taken into account to ensure the longevity of the project.

In our business we take care of the following factors: 
                                                               Corrosivity of the environment

An important factor in choosing a coating system is the corrosivity of the environment: humidity, temperature, UV radiation and other damage are just some of the factors that are taken into account when preparing the surface.  

                                                               Required durability of the coating system

The service life of a coating system is the assumed time flow from the time of first application to first maintenance. ISO 12944 specifies three time frames that categorize durability:

Low - L                                          2 to 5 years
Medium - M                                  5 to 15 years
High - H                                        More than 15 years

                                                                      Planning the coating process

In this phase, it is necessary to pay attention to the dynamics and working phases of the construction in order to predict the time of application of the coating and the required drying time. Our practice is that primers and finishes are performed in the hall, while possible repairs are performed after installation in order to fully protect the final product. Surface preparation of steel elements is an important factor in achieving the durability of the protection system.
Surface preparation must be performed correctly and includes the following actions:
• Removal of all impurities (fats, oils, salts)
• Cleaning with brushes
• Sandblasting and shot blasting of surfaces

                                                            Testing and quality control of corrosion protection

Quality control is a process that must be present throughout the construction period of the steel structure. In addition to visual inspection, it is necessary to determine other environmental conditions (air temperature, surfaces, humidity) and carry out control of coating preparation (mixing of components, etc.) Adhesion is the property of the coating to adhere to the previous coating and surface and control is mandatory according to HR EN 2409 the first layer. Since the adhesion of the coating primarily affects the quality of surface protection (and consequently the longer life of the protection) is very important in the process of protecting steel structures by applying protective coatings. All parameters to be checked and tested must be in accordance with the operating specification and the manufacturer's instructions.

Our business success is also based on quality anti-corrosion protection of metal structures, plants, equipment, sandblasting and painting that comply with all legal regulations and technical standards.

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