Forreign Worksites

Tehnomont initiated it'sactivities on forreign worksites first in Netherlands in 1968, and then in Germany in 1969. At firstthere were about 100 employees abroad. Till today the number increased significantly to over 300 workers. We havebeen primarily engaged in shipbuilding industry but also in other metalprocessing industries.


In year 1978 we started workingin Iraque, where in 10 years of our angagement there, we have built over 30water towers, as well as being involved in assembling of mechanical equipmenton the waste water's regulation system of the city of Bagdad.


In 1998 Tehnomont spread it'sactivities on italian shipbuilding with 100 workers employed there for 10years.

We had and even nowdayssuccesfully performe challenging operations for some of the prominent and worldfamous shipyards, such as:

Mayer Werft-Papenburg

FlensburgerSchiffbau-Gesellschaft –Flensburg

BVT -Bremen

Paul Lundenau- Kiel

Flender Werft–Lubeck

HDV- Kiel

Fincantieri -Monfalcone


Photo of the funnel section made of aluminium: